Real Estate Notary Document Overview


Real estate is one of the most commonly used areas where a notary services are necessary. Below is common notary real estate issues & documents to be aware of:

Mortgage Loan Process
Deed Of Trust
The Right to Cancel Form
Lending Disclosure
HUD Settlement Statement
W9 tax Form
Tax Form 4506
Loan app form1003
Occupancy Affidavit
Errors and Omissions
Limited Power of Attorney
Prepayment Rider
Good Faith Estimate
Signature Affidavit
Identity Statement
Statement of Information
Automatic Payment Document

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Mortgage Loan process & documents

In the mortgage loan process a few things happen sequentially. The first is a borrower(potential home owner, home owner seeking to refinance or a home equity) start the process of finding a lender they want to work with and complete a loan application. Once the loan application is approved a number of things can happen. Normally the mortgage company or lender begins a title search and prep of documents. Next an appraisal is done. After the appraisal or during the appraisal a title search is ordered. Once the necessary mortgage documents have been prepared and the appraisal and title search documents are completed, the final step is to have the borrower sign everything with a authorized notary. Many lenders have their own in house notary agent but with the current enormous surge in online lenders more and more borrowers are finding their home loan needs online. This is good for the independent notary because the online lenders outsource their notary needs to independent notary agents.


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