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The Notary Public profession is a stable industry, with little vulnerability to recession or economic downturn. Notaries can either work for a bank, a mortgage company, an attorneys office or have their own notary business. In this segment of Notary Wise we will focus on setting up a freelance notary public business.

The Notary Public profession has a wide range of salaries. The range of pay is determined by
















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the amount of time spent working and if the notary is self employed or works for a business that employees notaries. On average a notary is paid between $50 and $125 per signing. So the more notary signings the more money. Below are some important points to focus on to create a successful freelance notary business.

The A B C's & more of starting and marketing a freelance Notary business.

A) Contact mortgage, title and signing companies directly after you receive your notary certification and stamp. It is advisable to first find out how much these agencies pay. Here are some question to ask:
-What is the average pay range for each notary signing you do?
-How often do the notaries they work with get paid?
-do their notaries receive partial payment if the mortgage signing is canceled?

If they only pay $25.00 per signing it may not be worth your effort. The other important thing to be aware of is what location these companies operate in. Be sure to only contact them if they need notary services in your area.

B) There are a number of notary directories online where you can submit yourself usually for a nominal fee. The largest of notary directories is at . Finding good notary directories online will help immeasurably if you get listed in the right ones. Some notary directories charge a fee. It is important to assess what the return on investment is for any given directory. When you are first setting up your notary business it is a good idea to set a budget for advertising and try your best to track where the leads come from so you will know which notary directories are worth continuing to advertise in the future.

C) Have a professional notary web site built for your new freelance notary business. At first you probably won't receive too many leads from your site but as time goes on and you benefit from the notary specific sites linking to your own site you will begin to see more traffic. In addition, any notary business worth their salt these days has some sort of web site. Again build a notary web site that is relatively simple and cost effective then add content and eventually you will see results. Along this same line of thought, it is a good idea to get other inexpensive notary collateral such as business cards before you launch your new freelance notary business.

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