Notariziing Deed Of Trust Document


Deed of treat documents are filed with the County Recorder's office. As a notary dealing with deeds of trust you must be very careful to have everything notarized perfectly because the County Recorders office will deny the filling if it is not notarized properly. The deed of trust is a document explaining to the borrower(s) that they are responsible for all taxes, principal interest and late charges in regards to the property.
















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A deed of trust can be as few as two pages and as many as twenty, but all will include the loan amount of the property, the name and address of the lender, name of borrower(s), location and property description, the date the loan matures, names of the testors & trustees, a statement that the loan is secured by the property and an exhibit with a property description. It is very IMPORTANT that the borrower initials every page at the bottom right hand corner.

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