Becoming a Notary is a fairly easy process that varies slightly from state to state.


The Notary Public profession is a stable industry, with little vulnerability to recession or economic downturn. Notaries can either work for a bank, a mortgage company, an attorney’s office or have their own notary business, either mobile or "brick and mortar" .

Notary’s adhere to their own state/jurisdiction, and must be licensed in the area they practice in. To become a notary, the following steps must occur:
















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Become a notary - step 1
The first step to becoming a notary public is to take the notary exam. When setting out to become a notary probably the most difficult thing you must acccomplish is passing the notary exam. We have provided notary test preparation tips and a number of notary exam samples. It is advisable to print the notary exam samples and review the questions and answers. Becoming a notray does not require any additional exams, such as the GRE. Follow this link for our notary sample exams and notary test preparation tips.

Become a notary - step 2
Fill out the application to become a Notary Public. You will be required to pay a fee to your local Public Notary commissioning authority. You will be required to take an oath of office. This oath may be included in the application or filed with your local county clerk.

Become a notary - step 3
Once you have been approved as a notary you will recieve your notary card and your signature will be recorded. There are a variety of other requirements that may be mandated by your local commissioning authority. This may include additional education, or obtaining a Notary bond. Requirements vary by state, so be sure to check with your local authority.

There will always be a need for notaries, as Notary Services are needed for virtually all official documents. A Notary seal is needed on loan papers, business contracts, insurance policies and more. Becoming a notary is not a lengthy process, but it is a regulated professional, and requires a serious and committed attitude.

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