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Taking and passing the Notary Public exam is the first and most important step in becoming a notary. This section of Notary Wise is to prepare the individual for what to expect on the notary exam.

When preparing for the notary exam you should be well rested and well prepared. Make sure to have your id and official admissions card. Below are a few tips to be aware of when you are about to take the notary test.
















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Notary Exam Tips:

1) Carefully read the general instructions. These instructions are usually on the first page of the notary exam.

2) Quickly browse the notary test questions and assess how many there are and how much time you have to complete the test.

3) Notary tests are usually of the multiple choice type, but sometimes they are the essay format.

4) As you are taking the notary exam gauge how long it is taking you to answer each question and quickly assess how many you will have completed in the given amount of time.

5) Skip any questions on the notary exam that seem too difficult and mark them to come back to them later.

6) On multiple choice notary test answer all the questions even if you have to guess on some of them.

7) Lastly, try not to second guess your original answer.

Sample Notary Tests:

Notary Exam 1 Pg1
Notary Exam 1 Pg2
Notary Exam 1 Pg3

Notary Exam 2 Pg1
Notary Exam 2 Pg2
Notary Exam 2 Pg3

Notary Exam 3 Pg1
Notary Exam 3 Pg2
Notary Exam 3 Pg3
Notary Exam 3 Pg4

Notary Exam 4 Pg1
Notary Exam 4 Pg2
Notary Exam 4 Pg3
Notary Exam 4 Pg4

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